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Looking Towards the New Year


Advent is over but gifts are still coming (whew!) and I will list a few here for those who still have inventories under 100,000 (mine is at 37,000 at the moment and that includes all my store products so "I" get a gold star).

It has been a great and very busy December and I have updated my alts (one building who seldom logs into the main grid and one very dusty gal who is now looking great). SL friends and RL friends also in SL got makeovers too at my prodding and with my help. Lots of inventory cleaning went on with all the hunts and gifts and trying on.

A guy friend reports cleaning out things from as long ago as 2006. Luckily he had some clothes folders with titles like "new clothes for 2013"; well THAT was an easy purge LOL.

So we are all moving into the new year looking better and with neat closets (well there is one hold out on the cleaning closet bit -- he still has outfits from MIA for those of you old enough to remember that brand).

First we need vista!

As the calendar turns to a new number a few things will change in my world.

I will be returning the Machinima Open Studio Project to the grid. It will be housed at LEA6, next door to it's old home at LEA7. This will be an all new build with a few iconic items no doubt working their way in as part of nostalgia. MOSP is a sim for photographers, machinimatogrphers and bloggers.  The is a 20 minute rez time for props and no group is needed. It can be used by all -- even for commercial uses like vendor photos.

I have been busy this month between all the advents and hunts and regular blogging making infrastructure and it should be open in a minimal state by mid to late January.

I have cut back on some store events because of this focus but ChiC buildings will still be in all the Gimme Gacha events and should return to more as Spring begins and things are settled down at MOSP.


A surprise to me this month was how much I enjoyed "being new" again and in freebie mode with my "dusty alt" (her name is Dion but we call her Di).  She earned money for her Omega Relay and head at The Realms and has been an avid listener (well reading past chatter now and then) on the freebie groups.  SHE found a lot of the gifts and hunts that were featured this month. 

So I will be letting her take part in the new year with hunts and gifts and such. She has one of the free eBody bodies which makes fitting tricky, so if YOU or YOUR ALT has that issue too -- well stay tuned. I am sure her finds will be of interest to lots of folks.


That's pretty much the news, but in case you didn't know--

There are gifts out at Maitreya Isle for Maitreya VIP members of which there are 90,000 so even being premium isn't helping to get to THAT tree. We all are presuming gifts will be out to the end of the year. The sim is currently set at 30.

There are now gifts under the tree at alaskametro including makeup, skin and nail appliers (that was intel so hope it is correct). Group fee. 

I am leaving up my advent calendar so if you missed any days you can get ONE a day by clicking that missed date.  It will stay up until the end of the year. And the leather and oak barrel chair will be free at the Hop and Shop until the end of the year also.

Group gifts from Hilly Haalan now out at the landing point. 

Now here is the info on all the goodness in that photo up top!

A Breakfast Convo @ Tres Chic - Knitted Crop Top and Knitted Shorts (many colors - Maitreya, Belleza and Slink)

[Gos] Ariana Thigh-High Boots v2.0 - four colors of red via hud (free group)

OLQINU : tasseled glasses free at The Chapter Four (group gift)

- Mikunch - Fire hydrant also @The Chapter Four (group gift)


Meva Ivey Bangle Left Black Silver
alaskametro nails

Pose by: 22769 (taken out of a prop as I really liked it :D)


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