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Twelve Days Starts Early

There really ARE just too many wonderful gifts to cover.
This is my forth or fifth post today so be sure and scroll down and flip back :D.

There is a free full body with head altamura gal avatar on the WOH (in the queue but check that out yourself if you are in a hurry) and now there is this really lovely head as a gift over at eBENTO  (altamura group $40) which also has started its advent calendar (free to join). This head reportedly takes Omega applier skins.

And in a few days altamura will start its own 12 day calendar for the group.

More on the 12 day calendars coming up soon.

From a long distance view it appear that altamura is doing a good job of getting placement in the game even though a latecomer. Much like Catwa let everyone make skins for their head, the more folks with altamura bodies and heads, the more that will be made for them.


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