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BEP SL Holiday Hunt Picks

The BEP SL Holiday Hunt is underway. Didn't know that? Well neither did I!  Here's the story.

Bee heard some chatter on a new group that she joined, Volthair. People were asking about a hunt, how long it lasted, how hard it was to find the Santa wrapped package.  Always in the mood to find some great stuff, she zipped over to the store.

Of COURSE this store turned out to host one of the hardest packages to find. Hint -- extremely tiny AND tinted black (oh my). But in the end she did find it and with some further sleuthing and the help from Google found the hunt page (whew).  Once you have a list with hints it does get a bit better of course.  While she didn't find all the gifts, she found most and reported one not working and will head back there tomorrow maybe to see if the script (most are buy for $0) is fixed.

There are plenty of hairs and collars (both on her "I need more" lists) as well as many other things. This is definitely a GIRL hunt though so aside from some home and garden items, guys can skip it.

Her are a few of her favorites.

Top photo:

Fiasco - Lemaire Desk White, chair and rug
[Kres] Mugs of Chocolate

Decoy - Amiya Dress: Festive
Navy&Copper - Cinnamon hair (perfect on her)
Pretty Mess - Shiny Rose Choker Gold

Kaithleen's Must Have Shirt - Winter
Doe: Ruby w/ Santa Hat - Hunt Edition

Serenity Style- Fish my cheese

!deviousMind !dM Charlie - holidayChoker **RED PEPPERMINT** (also a green version in another box) - Top hat included in prize also.

Volthair Elise Hair (winter)- White included black beanie that doesn't photograph against black :D. White or black hair only.

There are plenty of other great prizes to find. It is not an easy hunt. Bee advises taking it a bit at a time :D.

Poses by: elephant poses (hunt prize)

Note that the prize at Dysfunctionality has to be PAID in order to receive. You get your $1 back but it is pretty confusing.


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