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Advent Day 3

The star of the advent show in my mind today is this one piece tea set from MEVA.  This goes with one of my favorite MEVA releases, the exotic Aria furniture grouping.  I am really thrilled that I will be able to use both this and that set in the new year. More on that in another post.

Find this in the GALS pink cabinet. The guys have a nice tank for two mesh bodies (I am pretty sure that was Jake and Signature -- neither which I have :D).

Also of note is a very pretty NOEL candle decor piece from Sway's.  You can check what is at Sway's each day here by the way.  I didn't hunt for the stars, but my friend has all but number 17 and is very happy with the gifts. Today's is now decorating her shop! 

WOW has system skin for gals.
Seven Deadly S[k]ins has a single system skin for guys and a Letluka applier for gals in apricot.

Black and maroon dress is the gift at Entice (and it is VERY LAGGY THERE :D -- or was this morning, so be patient).


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