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Women Only Hunt 2017 Stars 2

Onward with the WOH4 hunt takes us into mostly clothing territory. There are lots of well-known designers in this hunt and some beautifully made items. So much will be finding your style within the gifts. There really should be something for everyone. I have to admit that there were a few things Sami showed me that had me shaking my head, but not many :D.

Update on SYS:  Sami returned to see if a gift had magically arrived but only found a HUGE bunch of gals (and guys actually who maybe have girl alts? ) NOT finding the snowflake. So as of Sunday at 2 it seems not out. It was actually fun for her to remember the days when there was lots of chatting during hunts, so that was fun anyway.  I suggest you skip that one for now. 

EDIT: Sami just found a teleport hud in her inventory from SYS. It came automatically when you are at the landing point. So it "seems" like the hunt item could be VERY FAR away from the entry should anyone want to click on all the various teleport regions and hunt.  She isn't going to do that LOL.   

She is now off to find things on Page Four. More reports are in the queue. 

Also note that apparently there are a lot of forced landmarks with the location arrow pointing off into some odd direction rather than the actually location of the store. So finding some stores might be difficult. Again, bad day (week) on the grid so this may all dissipate soon.

Kaithleen's Crissy Dress which happily comes with some killer panties!  You could of course opt for white leggings :D.

Also, Maitreya users, it seems like the hunt hud and the Maitreya hud are trying to use the same channel? So you will likely need to detach your hunt hud to use the alpha layers (and probably other parts of the hud).

The HolliPocket Babie Doll Winter Dreams is super cute. Most of us will need some undies or a body suit :D.  But who knows, this may be perfect for you as is!

Pose by ChiC buildings free at On9.

This is LYBRA's Tayla Red bodysuit. Everything is artuflly covered. Great for under jeans or mini skirt or just lounging around.

Pose by LAP [nla]

Poses by: LAP [nla]


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