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52 Colors - Palette

Wednesday was more than inauguration day, it was also the day that I finished my personal tour through the 52 colors.  In a wild binge of blogging I finished up the last eight (yes, I WAS tired, thank you) colors and patted myself on the back for completing the challenge.  
Apparently I did NOT finish a decade ago.  I can't remember why; the challenge went on and I did not. My posts just stopped after somewhere in the forties.  So all good. I found a lot  of forgotten outfits and accessories in my inventory and did some straightening along the way. And even as someone who taught color theory in college --- I learned a lot, at least so far as Pantone is concerned.   

The posts are all in the queue and will pop up each week for your viewing and styling adventures.  Meanwhile, about half-way through it became apparent that the colors weren't all that balanced -- meaning that there were some that were so very close to each other discernment would be close to impossible. And some colors were no longer in Pantone's lists -- at least that I could find.   

Hence we have a slightly revised 2020 - 21 list.  Many of the colors are the same. Some have changed names a bit; others I tried to find a comparable color. Some I deleted and a few I added.   

I think the graphic above has them all (black is the background and not named).  So for those working on your own stylings you can both see an example and know the color name --- just not the week it will appear until closer to that time.   I hope this is helpful.  I learned a few tricks in my graphics program making the chart, so that's a plus too.   


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