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52 Colors Week 10 - Mauve

Week ten we journey back towards violet on the color wheel -- with MAUVE. 

Now I can't say that mauve in any rendition of its color palette is one of my favorites.  I am pretty sure I haven't worn the color in either virtual or corporeal life, but "it's the process that counts" as we say in the art world -- sometimes as we are simultaneously pulling hair out by the roots. 

There is a somewhat interesting story to my attire for our muted red-violet tone.  I won this jumpsuit on a lucky board while I was trying to decide on which colors of sweaters to buy -- you know that thinking ahead toward possible difficult hues issue.  Not only that, when I returned the next day -- still pondering and purchasing -- I won both of the remaining prizes. So a very lucky gal those days -- and I may have "aqua" covered for the future but I have no idea if aqua is on the list :D. 

Here is what I am wearing:

Tachinni - Debora Jumpsuit 
Petite Mort- Lavender Gypsy Beaded Scarf
 Meva Bento Boho Rings 
Meva Boho N4 Necklace Silver

Hair: *TKW* Barret

Photo taken here at Templemore.

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