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Counting to a Thousand

The focus definitely changes when you move from home styling at fifty land impact to home styling at a thousand.   Now I am pretty sure that despite my very best efforts I will not use up all the li points. But I have to admit that it has been fun not having to worry about the cost of things.  

I don't have a lot of "primmy" items.  Some small decor pieces are "render" mesh and not the game assets that I prefer to use, but yes -- they ARE very pretty.  So my plan with the Trompe Loeil Leander house is to let myself go and just create -- in as much anyway that we can consider picking items from inventory and moving them around a room is "creating".  

Since there is going to be a LOT to see, I decided to divide up the posts with my first being the kitchen, the only room that is more or less completed.   

Many creators' works came together in this styling and listing them all is not my intention. However if you have your eye on something specific just ask here on the blog or IM inworld and I will let you now.  Most items are still available.  Primary contributors are Trompe Loeil, Second Spaces, Apple Fall, Nutmeg with [InsurreKtion], Old World and KOPFKINO playing their parts.  

The theme is shabby chic farmhouse -- as if you couldn't guess.   LI of all the pieces shown and some that didn't make it into the shots?  Right around 120.  

Stay tuned as the rooms become filled with clutter. 


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