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52 Colors - Week 9 Umber

Not surprisingly a search of my inventory came up zero for "umber"; not an umber in site.  And this is the third brown in our journey -- where is BLUE? Where is ORANGE (well I am not too keen on orange really).  Obviously I am a bad picker of numbers, but they will all come around eventually, so let's tackle UMBER.

Pantone considers UMBER a middle value in the light and dark range. So it is darker than taupe and lighter than liver. It is also more saturated (brighter and filled with color) than our other browns to date. Umber leans towards red rather than green (that finger paint mixing thing again) so close to what I think of as "rust". 

One thing I learned as I was delving into my inventory is that many makers (especially shoes) use the same hud for all their products. So if they don't have "umber" in one hud it is unlikely they will have it in another. That saved some time. Eventually I remembered that Amacci like those earthy tones and found some really cute wedge sandals that I had forgotten about. A bonus.

Here is the final styling:

Baiastice_Eva Jacket (umber color from hud)
22::K:: Oversized Scarf Femme (Gacha from the winter Shop and Hop)
KUNGLERS - Valeria rings
Amacci Shoes - Sicily (color from hud)

-FABIA- Mesh Hair  Gift < Lilak>

Photo taken at Studland Bay.

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: aDORKable


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