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Laundry Day Country Style

While most of the Uber offerings didn't make my heart flutter this round, a really cute clothesline from {anc} got my attention.  It is "primmy" but not in the heavy mesh arena; it is because it has really REALLY good LODs. I can see it perfectly from the street and it has its home at the back edge of my large plot.  

So at least some part of me wanted to clap and reward a choice that I would have loved to have had on OH SO MANY otherwise beautifully made items that disappeared "way too soon".  It comes with a texture change menu but changes are very subtle. 8 LI at a big size. Long poles so it could be on a hill if needed. Victorian detailing. 

Current land impact count on my Lilly Ave place around 650 of 1000 --- never going to hit that top cause I really don't want a baby - LOL. 

  That's the scoop. 


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