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The World is Watching - 52 Colors

This really made my day and gave me a chuckle so had to post. 

I have been working hard on those 52 colors and have about eleven left so I should be able to make a "2021" color list soon.  It's been fun and sometimes hard but definitely a journey and I will get to remember the shoots as I post them throughout the year. There were adventures involved and last night I found an ancient landmark and went back to one of the premiere destination shopping sims of a DECADE ago -- yep, the landmark was dated 2011. So it has been a good project for "me" and hopefully fun for some others as well as our audience.   

Free group.   Here is your taxi to Sass.   

Look for the group gift wall in a top corner along with this gift for It comes with a two color hud, both of which could be handy in the future.  

Pose by: SE Motion
Hair by Diva


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