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An Artist's Ponderings

There is something peaceful about sitting in a quiet room, doors ajar and ocean breezes wandering through the pieces of my life.  Empty canvases remind me that both opportunities and experiences may be part of the future.  

No worries. No hurries. Let the days unfold as they may.


This is the painter's corner in the upstairs on Lilly Avenue. I added two large new canvases this morning courtesy of the aftermarket and The Epiphany.  Not for the prim oppressed they added 20 land impact to my gaining on 600 total. The LODs are very good however. I journeyed to the main store to test that out before purchasing.   This very impressive new set from Nutmeg has some fun and finally detailed pieces to add to your collection.  I couldn't bring myself to buy the whole set though, the triangle and texture count was well beyond my comfort level.  

A piece here. A piece there. That works too.   


=Zenith=Bianca Sweater (ALL) big fatpack with many choices
::C'est la vie !:: Soonah Leggings (#1) - Olive
#EMPIRE - Edelweiss boots


LEANDER house by Trompe Loeil

Poses by: the stool


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