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I Feel Pretty

I sometimes think of our avatars as paper dolls that we dress up and move around a stage -- but they are more than that; they are an extension of ourselves. And when THEY look pretty, we FEEL pretty. It's as simple as that.

Three bits of newness come together for a moonlight on water portrait.

If in the hustle and bustle of December you missed this very elegant Jonelle set from Kunglers, no worries; you can pick it up easily off the Marketplace. Grab a demo and see how pretty YOU feel.   Texture change hud is included of course. 

If you have never joined Truth VIP, now might be the time. This gorgeous updo is the gift of the season and includes both styling hud and optional lighting add-on. 

And at 7DS you can pick up a pretty new skin named LUCETTE. Several skin tones are included in the pack as well as browless models.  The group gift for males seems to have disappeared, alas; but the Advent gifts for the guys were great. 

Pose by: Eternal Dream


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