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Stay Home - Stay Safe

I had planned to do a Saturday Sale post here, but in case you haven't noticed 2021 is not starting off all that well in our virtual land. Teleports rerouting, asset server confused, orange cloud syndrome, region restart loops -- but nothing on the status page.

My adventures of the morning had me locked in demo garb until I relogged yet again.  So I am currently shoeless but at least clothed and decent looking and I plan to Stay Home and Stay Safe for most likely the rest of the weekend -- unless some devs take pity on us and come in to fix things.   

Meanwhile, I will apprize you of some newness even though pictures will be lacking. It took a very long time to delete something last night and a relog to boot so not going there again.   

From fundati a great landscaping brand that I have been a group member of for over a year (pay group):  

During 2021 Fundati will be giving out 8 group gifts. 2 every season. one will be a past item, and the other group gift will be an exclusive set of mesh only created for our group members. This season will begin with Winter.  

I unpacked the new trees (various seasons including a pink flowered Spring one) last night and they are impressive (primmy but impressive) and I do hope to use them soon. The other pack is snowy rocks and other snow items and I will be adding those to my store area when the grid gets working again.   

FaMESHed opens today instead of yesterday, but of course be careful as you journey out into the grid.  This seem a very strange thing to be writing after almost a year of "be safe" salutations in the corporeal world.  

But hey, welcome to 2021.

Update: The asset server issues have apparently been fixed. My personal testing went well.    BUT according to reports on the forums, the fix is rolling out region by region -- or seems to be and some places are still having difficulties. So waiting until afternoon may be a smart bet. Don't try and rez any no copy items for sure. 

And a Sunday update to boot:  Well ---- the asset server seems fine but crashes and teleport misdirects and even the change your name page seems to be sickly. So it ISN'T YOU --- I guess that is good news.  Tomorrow is a Linden work day as far as I know so let's keep some good thoughts that things will be fixed soon.  


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