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Weekend Sales

The weekend sales have begun and there are plenty of great items to gather. Choose your favorite colors and patterns of this top and panties set. This looks more like beach attire to me -- or maybe lounging :D. 

This pouffe hales from The Looking Glass and includes male, female and couples animations. The fabric can be changed to a variety of patterns and colors. The menu is a bit tricky; to get to fabrics close the pose menu. 

Top photo:

NANIKA - Ines Top/Panties White
KUNGLERS - Antonia necklace - Crystal silver (four colors are available)

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_BLING 

Photographers -- especially ones that love romance -- will appreciate these two offerings.   The irrISIStible: EXTRAORDINARY GARDEN PHOTO BACKDROP ANIMATED is quite lovely. As a bonus the plants can be unlinked and used for landscaping. I am not sure why there are plants growing up through the tiles but it would be simple to add a grass prim. 

The rose covered well comes packed with poses and has some lovely textures.  Find it at LOVE.  Beware however :D, this is heavy mesh and the LODs break up quickly, so for most folks it will be best used as a pose prop.  

Also be sure and check out WRONG on Happy Weekend. A great modern bed at 7 LI with lovely textures, good LODs and reasonable triangle count. You can try it out upstairs in the bed area of the store (adult).  Also at WRONG a really nice weight bench with weights set. It too is adult, good LODs and reasonable tri count (not low though) :D.  

Pose by: the pouffe


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