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Mid-night Adventures

Having a developed habit of waking in the wee small hours of the night is sometimes handy.  It got me a free abode at Snow Globe which I still love. It is also a time when not that many folks are reading the forums -- and that can be a plus.

I found a post with some lovely photos of rental houses. Even better, you were able to choose your house from a house rezzer on your lot. Venturing over, I wandered the seven regions.  Eventually I noted that the hud I had picked up at the landing point had TABS on the side (well it WAS the middle of my night) and made it to the rental area where I found a 3D map with one plot available.  Bigger than needed with more prims than I would ever use, it was available and availability seemed like an unusual occurrence at Goosebury Estates

Wandering through the house rezzer was an adventure in itself and after jotting down a few styles of interest I choose the LEANDER.   Amazingly it was from Trompe Loeil, a house missing from my inventory -- so it either never made it to the blogger group or the notice was overlooked.   Either way it is a great little house and super cozy; something that will be much fun to style. 

There are plenty of lovely spots for photos so venture over.  


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