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Linden Lab Announces New Owners

In a carefully worded New Year post shortly after noon, Linden Lab officially announced the finalization of  its sale  pending some legalities; "Linden Lab has new owners". 

This was no surprise to me.  Logically it all made sense. I have watched many companies change hands or close as the year shifts on our man-made chronolog of time. A sale -- in my mind -- is a more positive announcement than a grid disappearing into the mist.  This leveraged buy-out was first announced last July; then there was quiet.  

There are tons of things we don't know of course and plenty more we may never know.  One could make a reasonable comparison between Linden Lab and our government -- whichever government that may be in our corporeal lives.  We seldom if ever know the facts or the reasoning behind moves. We can only suspect by working backwards from what we CAN see.   

Some folks will take the news with a nod, other with an "OMG!" and others in panic mode.   Since I processed all this long ago, I have no changes to make (chuckle) and that has me a happy gal.   The group is buying Linden Lab, not Second Life so Tilia is part of the package. Again, this probably won't affect many folks. Those who opted out of Tilia did it well over a year ago.  

Could there be some changes that would have some of us reassessing our roles in Second Life?  I suspect there could be. But most of the scenarios that run though my head are so obviously what NOT to do, I can't believe the new group would make those choices.  This could be a GOOD thing. Or it may not be.  

Only TIME will let us know.    


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