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WRONG Happy Weekend

My weekend pick is from Happy Weekend and WRONG. A really big set -- some impressive; some should probably be tossed, but definitely a good value at 60 lindens.

The spacious modern sectional couch is 8 li including the bar. Stools are 2 li. Building (yes the building comes with) is 12 li. The couch has reasonable LODs for inside but will break apart at outside distances so better suited for a different building. There is some firewood under the grill that has horrid LODs but happily can be unlinked and deleted. Light fixtures are a bit iffy LOD-wise and saving them will depend upon use; they can be unlinked and deleted and come in pairs. The set also comes with a media screen for "show" maybe. There is also a coffee table (not shown).

The Hookah is way too dense a mesh. Deleting; I have a better one. But again, the set is definitely worth looking at if this is your style. I am sure it will come in handy in the future. A 8 li couch is difficult to find when you are on a prim budget. 

The stools have POSES and not animations -- at least what I tried, but there are some nice sits so the seating could double as pose props.  Again, all what you are looking for.  This is rated as an adult item.  I didn't venture into that part of the menu. 

Happy weekend shopping. 


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