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I had a LOT of fun this morning and some of my gal and guy friends got a few bonus prizes in the mix. (*chanimations has a bunch of VERY COOL new goodies under their tree in Lucky Boxes. I was curious in part as I hadn't seen any lucky boxes. They are very cute, but a bit problematic if you aren't a good cammer. You need to get up REALLY close to see what the prize is on the box. Still, many gold stars for being in theme with the season :D.

Goodies include a complete outfit shown in top photo (cane included) as well as some very nice home items including caged bird candles and a really lovely vase with ostrich feathers (low prim). I won the hat separately and then the skirt. So there are numerous ways to win. Adding my lingerie from yesterday, I had a great outfit. You could of course wear this sans undies; the outfit is billed as fetish wear after all *wink*.  There are some wildcards in the mix luckily as "C"s were not in evidence today.

The detailing is excellent with many extra sweet (as in candy cane) touches. Feathers, sequins, holly and diamonds all mix together to make this outfit a showstopper for the holidays. The skirt comes with a resize script and fit both of us easily. There are also feather fans to win in both gold and dark violet. I think they might have animations included, but I'm not sure on that. As a bonus, the boxes these gifts come in would look great under your tree! 

The bustle is definitely festive and I love the burlesque theme. There is a central landing point in the sim, so you will need to TP in using this link (ADULT SIM) and then walk into the theater which is the store. Go through the lobby and straight down the ramp into what would be the audience seating if the building was a theater. The presents are under the tree at the far end and up a ramp. A little tricky to find, but worth it. You can pick up a free candy cane if you need one from the sock dispenser nearby. It is a group gift if you could use something to hang on your mantle. Also very cute.

The birdcage candles shown way above are lovingly made. Actually everything is really special so if any of these items look like "you", get over there and start a watch. Only a few people know about it at the moment, so we've been sort of by ourselves. It will go faster with more folks. And since there are surprise presents, there is likely something I don't even know about :D.


Chandra said…
Chic, thank you so much for this very very sweet and detailed post - I'm still utterly shocked and impressed at the same time cause I would have never in one million years expected it! wishing you and everybody else a peaceful season with many nice thoughts and events to happen and a happy new year :-)

<3 Chandra
Ann Launay said…
Can you please tell me where the lingerie is available? I didn't see the Christmas colors for sale or pictured with the 'Lucky Gift' items.
Chic Aeon said…
The holiday lingerie in the top photo comes with that prize in the Lucky Holiday Boxes. The all white satin lingerie was featured the day before in this post :

I'm not sure if it is still available as it has been some time. Good luck. Hope that helps.

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