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Baubles - The Final Week

It's my real life birthday in part today. Actually it is my HALF birthday and for any of you that know some astrology, there is some "pay attention here" energy going on. In this case it is directed at both my ego (sun) and feelings (moon) in my house of career and public persona.  I'm laughing as I type here. You SO DON'T CARE.

But, you might want to know that Baubles will indeed be closing at the end of the Addiction Hunt. So there are two freebies to pick up before that happens. One is a Summer of Love set on the wall by the entrance (value $250 ish) and the other is the Addiction Hunt prize. Find the needle for that one. It is in the shop proper and easy to spy. If you are at my home blog and not on the feeds, the top picture in the sidebar shows part of that prize.

There is no need to feel sad. I will be making that freed space into something new, something more artistic.  I woke with a plan. It is exciting to me, but has nothing to do with fashion. Watch the sidebar on my Chic at Phil's Place blog for a hint of news. I will probably be closing PhotoGraphique soon too. Benicia is thinking of leaving SL and so my free rent will disappear. But the great news is as I was heading to RL bed last eve I noticed new trees in the landscape around my home. I love my new space. Thanks to all the SL House and Garden Hunt folks. It was a great experience.


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