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Damn! She's thinking again!

I have been reading a lot of lamenting on the feeds of late. Stores are closing, people leaving; and I feel the loss too

The repeated comments of my fans (I only have a few and I don't keep my traffic stats any longer so any of you climbing Blogger Mountain have no need to sharpen your pitons and eat your Wheaties) is that A. I take pretty pictures, B. I feature places that they actually do explore and C. I often say things other will not. I have been reminded of those themes this week during conversations with people that I didn't know. Yes, there is a smile there. People "know" me much more it seems than I know them.

Anyway -- back to the point. Summers are always difficult in SL. This summer is the worst that I have lived through. Economy is in part to blame; the world-wide picture is indeed bleak for many folks. Other factors come into play such as experience saturation and creative exhaustion; lots of avatars are turning 2 or 3 which apparently are the physiological burn out years in virtualland.

When content creators are all vying for the same seemingly skimpy lindens being spent, they can get cranky. Well why not? They work hard. Many of them spend much more time on their virtual creations than they can ever recover in monetary means. When faced with working for little reward and almost no fame, many will leave. The Freebie Cultural Revolution hasn't helped.

Life moves in streams. People come and people go. They take what they need from the experience and if appropriate -- they move on. We miss them, but we shouldn't mourn for them. It was their choice.

If you are worried that your favorite designers may be walking up the exit ramp, support them with your purchases. That won't guarantee that they will keep on creating, but it certainly will help.

And remember that changing directions and making new plans are part of life. Do what you enjoy. Smile every day. Celebrate! Find a way to make your virtual life work for you. And if you can't?

Then maybe it is truly time to get back to that corporeal world.


Patricie Sapphire (SL) said…
Applause for a timely post!There is it seems so much to had (free )in SL lately, I don't remember it this way when I joined, and the hunts, they seem never ending. I know of several people ( myself included ) who make it a point to not only grab n dash, but to stop and have a look at all the other things these creators have made, that are for purchase.I usually buy a few things during a hunt. I would like to thank them now through your blog for their generosity and sharing their creative minds with us all.
Nissa Nightfire said…
I love it when you think :) A very good perspective, I think... and a great post. I think you are right that a lot of the creators we've grown up with are hitting a wall right... just unfortunate it seems all at the same time. In same ways, I can kinda feel it too ... so I'm trying to stretch in new and interesting directions -- 'cause I'm not ready to leave yet!! Thanks for your thoughts as always :)

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