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Abode is currently taking part in two hunts. This Groove's Garage (Limited Edition) is one of TWO great gifts for the SL House and Garden Hunt. It was not easy to find *wink* but others were standing by the little house in mass, so eventually I found it. I get points for photos, not necessarily for hunting. The garage comes with opening doors that have a long list of security choices. An informational notecard is supplied. The mini cooper is not part of the package, it is from a Make Him Over hunt and hales from **AL Motors**.

This darling greenhouse (60 prims) is the second SLH&GH gift. It comes with a deep base to fit any terrain. I just love it.

While I was looking very hard for that little house, I found this hunt prize from The Unknown Hunt. The hunt object is a prim photo of brown wings. There is an example on the sign at the entry. While this residence looks big, it will actually fit on a 512 lot. I am planning on making some changes in my photography shop and this might just be the new store. The upper windows are part of the main floor, not a second floor.  I think it is about 52 prims. Later note: This house seems to have an issue with falling through the floor when the door is open. No mod so that is a problem.

Abode will be taking part in The Platinum Hunt which begins in a week.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.


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