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Take Me For a Ride in Your Car-Car

Yes, it was a fun day. I followed some breadcrumbs and found lots of wonderful places and goodies. New outfit, new props and a new photo shoot locale. You can't ask for more than that in one day.

It all started when I TPed over to see a new shop, ::Poetry Garden::. It is a magical place with lots of glow. There is an opening gift, the flowers in a pot by the entrance in this photo, but the best news -- for me anyway is the lovely backdrop for photos.

Most of these flowers and grass squares are for sale as well as some poetry quotes in calligraphy style to superimpose on your wall. It is a fun place to explore and so brilliantly colorful. While I was there I noticed the chalkboard at the entrance. It was so cute, I did an inspection to find that it came from *~ MMGraffiti's~*, a shop I hadn't visited before.

There were tons of fun things at the MMGraffiti's shop, all at very reasonable prices. It turned out that the chalkboard I liked was available on the lucky board. Many wood finishes are for sale should you want to just shop and go. I decided to park for awhile and watch the board and play a game of Ball Lines from Games that Give (OK - shameless plug; save the puppies et al). Between watching the MMGraffiti's board and playing my game, I TPed over to a few MM boards and lucky chairs (thank you Thrifty Goth members) and had a great time.

While I was waiting on the chalkboard -- which I won on a wildcard -- I garnered this cute little wearable car. Everything at that shop is darling, but not too terrible cutsie (I don't do cutsie well). The car -- actually a truck -- comes in sizes for guys, gals and kids. And at 31 prims you could easily rez it rather than wear it. I am using a LAP sit pose here with the upper body animation that comes with the truck. Again, lots of cute stuff and really reasonable prices.

Even the BOX the truck came in is cute. Three prims and fairly small, it could be a great accessory to your eclectic homestead, the Djinn and Tonic house comes to mind.

My cute new outfit hales from Libertine. There are four colors of this set on the lucky boards. I happily won the gray version. Always love neutral. There is a teeny problem with a cuff seam so I added some bangles. Easy to do.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Tanya (tone 1/br) :: preview
Clothing: =Libertine= Disorder gray
Shoes: MK Sneaks Wedge Platform
Accessories: [Baubles] Addiction Stacked Bangles Silver (Addiction hunt)

Poses by: Amacci, LAP, the truck


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