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Will the Real Chic Aeon Please Stand Up

Five million sales (it seems like anyway) and a new hunt (starting at 4 pm) highlighted this Sunday's feed features. What really caught my interest though was a post by Raul Crimson.  I pay little attention to world news and not much more to the virtual kind. I prefer to do my own thing and enjoy my simple pleasures. I knew that a SL name changing ability was in the works, but I hadn't really thought about what that could mean. People will be able to put in non European letters for their names; a good idea.  I didn't understand that we could also lose the hold on our identities.

Now, for some folks that hold is  tenuous anyway. We can change shape and sex and skin tone as well as costumes. We can be birds or dragons or robots. But through all that we still keep our names. So now it seems there can be more than one Chic Aeon. Sure, some sleuthing will let folks know who the original one is, but how is that EASIER for the new folks?  Is this really a move designed to encourage new users or some smoke and mirror escapade designed to take our mind off the other issues in Phil's land?

When I clicked over to read the very long official post on the changes and watch Torley's video on how it will work, there were already 780 comments. I  skimmed quickly and didn't find any positive ones, except for the use of sarcasm. There may be some in the mix; I would assume there would be.

Businesses are closing, signs of desperation appear almost hourly. The Labs keep trying to attract new users rather than keep the ones they have. This makes no sense to me. A smaller, working world, with happy residents seems like a much better plan than the ever expanding model they can't seem to lose sight of.

Then again, I have only run small businesses throughout my life. Perhaps the rules are different when you are a big company.


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