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The Platinum Hunt - One Last Shot

One last shot before I leave official Platinum Hunt blogging. Some other finds may appear within the next month, but there are plenty of gals out there showing you the cornucopia of goodies to be found -- so I'll be moving on.

Before I put a "blogged" sticker on the hunt, however, I wanted to show you this very cool coat from SLink.  I especially like the sleeves and collar. Now, the original coat was knee length and for me and many others in SL who avoid system skirts -- perhaps a deal breaker.

But, I did a few seconds of nipping and tucking with my virtual scissors (that is the appearance sliders) and I have a fantastic jacket to wear over pants -- or just nylons *wink*.  So I would definitely recommend stopping by SLink on your Platinum Hunt Tour.

By now you can probably tell that my personal favorite item in the hunt was the Mynerva skin. This is the plainer, more normal version of the skin -- well if you can consider gray "normal". I guess I am really just a black and white photographer. I love that grayscale.

Go forth. Have a great time on the hunt. There were plenty of items that were not available to bloggers at the preview, so you will have some surprises. With 100 stops, I'll be watching the feeds to see what else I might want to hunt for.

The hunt starts the 8th. Well, you knew that, didn't you?


Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Exile Samara/kindred
Skin: Mynerva Platinum Drow Red Lips
Clothing: SLink Milli Military Coat

Accessories: .: Acid & Mala Creations Messed Memory earrings

Poses by: Amacci


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