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Finding Places

Finding places in SL can be tricky at times, and I will definitely admit that I no longer put links to each of the items mentioned in my blog posts. I always link to the items featured, but not necessarily ones that I have shown you before *wink*.

A reader left a note on Chic at Phil's Place yesterday saying she couldn't find funkstar. I had not linked to a SLURL in that post as I had featured the top a few times in the previous week. Interested to see if "I" could find funkstar, I tried an SL search. The main ALL tab wasn't working and there was no mention of  the shop in either Places or Classifieds. Well that does make it difficult. But here's a clue for those of you wondering where shops might be; try the search tab on the blog!

I typed  funkstar into Chic's search box to find several posts with photos of that same sweater (I like it too) as well as some of the shop's recent releases and SLURLs. If you are reading my blog -- or any other -- on the feeds, you can get to the original post in various ways, often by clicking on the post's title or by clicking on the blog named at the bottom of the post.

So I thought this would be a good tip for you all as it will work in MANY blogs, not just mine.

Meanwhile, I TPed over to funkstar (there's that link) as the Iren Village is a bit tricky at times. I found a poster for  a village hunt starting next week. There was no info in the poster, but it looks as though the prize vendors might be strawberry baskets. Anyway that's an extra tip for the morning. The village is a fun place to explore so hunting should be pleasurable.

Update: As I was posting this I realized that the hunt was ON now and not starting on the 19th (a blond morning it seems) so I TPed back to funkstar to see if I could find the prize vendor. It's like - RIGHT there. You are looking for a strawberry. These pants, a version of the jeans in the vendors are the prize. Unisex, as the shop features clothes that work for both guys and gals.

As a postscript, this is the kneeling pose from Ks2cool that I mentioned last night. You can read all about the outfit, new hair and poses in my previous post. My second quickie pants shot uses my Amacci AO (still loving it).


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