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Hunting the Hunts

Two big hunts start at midnight -- or we expect them to anyway.  Shrouded in secrecy, it seems like finding the hunts is the first step in going on the hunt. Both Twisted and Steam have hunt blogs, but unlike other informational websites, they are both pretty much empty. No press releases, not even a list of participants appear on the pages.

Hence, I am out here in front of  The Julia Collection. The clock is a fitting prop for this post as we are in fact waiting. I zipped over to Julia's on a hunch and as I suspected a sign was out front. Clicking the Steam Hunt sign gave me a notecard which I will now share in part. One point for good blogmanship.

This is the third Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt!  STEAM will take place September 1st-30th, 2010.  The gifts will remain available for the entire month... if you can find them!

There will be Steampunk-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in more than 135 participating shops.  You'll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items.  Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.

As with most hunts, you begin at a starting location.  That location will give you the LM to the next, and so on. 


However, if you join the group, in September you'll be given a list of all the merchants' shops and you can start wherever you like!

SEARCH the group STEAM HUNT PUNKS and join for free!
As I was writing this post, I received a notecard and gift from Parajen Homes . Steam 3 is their first hunt and their prize looks pretty special -- as in you and a few of your close friends could live in it *wink*. For non-hunters in the group and just to be especially nice, they sent along a vintage desk with photo frames and old fashioned phone.

I did a quick change into a Steampunk outfit, pulled out a coordinating house and here is a quick look.

Steam Hunt 3 starts at midnight, but there will likely be plenty of stores not quite in the loop at that hour. You know that. For those of you heading over to Twisted, I did a little recon. I remembered seeing a sign at A-Bomb when I was there earlier. Sure enough a notecard gave me the starting point and group info, if not the starting time.

Join the group to stay updated!
Just search groups for 'Twisted Hunt' or visit the landmark
below and click on the 'Twisted Hunt' sign.

Go forth. Find good stuff!

Edit: Here is a list of some of the hunts starting with poster thumbnails, blog links and starting points! Yeah!

My outfit of the eve is made up of some items I found on the Think Pink Hunt today. I know you have seen the same pink prizes over and over, so here are a few new items. The skin is Mynerva lovely and the clothes both come with other items in the pack. The sunglasses are part of a three color pink pack.  I started Think Pink at #47 and got stuck at #14, so that gives you some idea of where they are on the trail.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: [LeLutka]-RUSH hair - DuskTillDawn
Skin: ~Mynerva~Sophie~Think Pink hunt
Clothing:{paper.doll} SimpleTank-Top-White Think Pink hunt; ::JZ:: Think P!nk - Girly-Girl Jeans [Paint It Pink] Think Pink hunt (template but I've given up that flag-waving exercise)

Accessories: >IMANIThink Pink hunt (three pairs included)

Poses by: LOTTA


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