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There is definitely something for everyone on the SL House and Garden Hunt. Low prim, high prim, small footprint or large, accessories and basic needs are all covered. There are even a few things that are geared to the guys (yeah).  This post DOES include some fashion so scroll through if you are not a homeowner *wink*.

This first prize is from Designer Prims and comes as a coalesced set. It is a perfect backdrop for a photo -- even with only Mother Nature as a background. You could of course use it in your home.

While there are many styles represented in the 50 stop hunt, one them is white. If you love white or shabby chic, you will definitely be in heaven. You could easily have an all white (or nearly so) home.

I have shown you some of the building prizes in my previous posts. This one from Starwind Homes and Design is one of my personal favorites. Starwind is number 12 in the hunt, right after ARIA which seems to be the hardest spot for most folks. So if you get stuck -- you know the drill. The house comes with a great entry deck, sliding entry door and open windows; perfect for a beach area which I have!

Along with this lovely medium prim, beach house there are other styles of abodes. There is a very nice white skybox that looks to be 20 X 20 and has an open patio. There is also an attic style skybox with sun drenched window even though it is completely enclosed. Fishing shack, beach hut, garage, greenhouse, pavilions -- the housing list goes on and on.

This Tree Sky Garden from Zacca is so pretty. It comes with a hefty base that can either fly in the sky or perch on the ground. There is glow; there is a gazebo effect; there is plenty of room for other outdoor items -- and it is low prim.

If you happen to be in a spot with a great view -- like your own island *wink* this is perfect!

And here is what I am wearing today, a mix and match set from the lucky chairs at Dare Designs. I won both the Autumn Heart and the Ninety-Five sets on a call from the Thrifty Goth group yesterday. That has been lots of fun. Both sets are packed full of items. The sweater comes in both short and long versions. There are skirts in both sets and many choices. I have not been to Dare lately and it was fun to see what was happening in my old haunt.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Carletta ~ Red Auburn
Clothing: Dare Designs Autumn Heart - short sweater - orange;vDD Ninety-five - jacket - green; DD Ninety-five - pants - green (actually black)
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Onyx (NLA)

Poses by: Diesel Works


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