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There is plenty of newness wrapped up in this post as well as a cultural adventure.

The wee small hours of the morn found me opening boxes and straightening inventory. I felt like a casual day; places to go, locales to explore; so jeans seems a good choice. Autumn was on my mind, I have to admit. The seasons do not have to change in SL, but they often follow those of the Northern hemisphere and the mornings have turned chilly in my neck of the RL world. 

I also wanted to put in a plug for tattoo layering for tops (thank you WoE for bringing the possibility to my sometimes foggy brain). Here's my pitch. There are lots of cute little mini dresses and bathing suits out there that make great tank tops under pants or leggings. On these pages  you see me  in minis and their micro cousins,  but I almost never wear them in my day to day virtual life. Hence they get abandoned in my "minis" folder, forgotten and forlorn. The strapless top I am wearing is WoE's Tatiana Ruched Dress from last night's post. I am wearing it on the tattoo layer.

And why is that such a big deal? It let's me wear jeans on the undies layer and the "tank" will tuck in. Now these newly released  jeans from CandyDoll actually work fine for boots (and come in tons of nicely worn muted colors with and without belts) even on the pants layer. But there are plenty of no mod pants layer jeans that will not. Having a mini dress or one-piece swimsuit come on an additional tattoo layer adds lots of wear-ability points.

The poses above are part of a newly released set from Everglow.  There are lots of cute poses in this pack. They fit me which is always a thrill and they are mod so that I can rename them with hints as to positioning -- a great time saver.

I don't get excited about eyes very often, but these Aimesi Eyes are a winner for me. Blue on the outside with hints of rust near the pupil; perfect for red headed days! Earrings and bracelets, I can never have enough. These new ones from Ticky Tacky are both fun and colorful. A matching necklace is available.

My photos above were taken at an art exhibition titled "Textile Tales" by the Australian artist Teal Etzel .

On the way to the exhibit I stopped by LISP Bazaar to check out the Sunday / Monday special and it is very cute.  Journey by if you have some prims to spare and a kitchen or dining room to decorate.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Lena ~ Dark Copper
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 4/br) :: 05a
Eyes: Aimesi Eyes turkise (new release)
Eyelashes: Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black
Clothing: CandyDoll Just Jeans Greay_Belt (new release); .::Freedo.0m::. Eden Dress Bolero Jacket; :. WoE .: Tatiana Ruched Dress (Steel)  (new release)
Shoes: J's Western Boots (Takumi hunt)
Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* Pandora (new release)

Poses by: Everglow


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