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Now this post is REALLY about neighborhoods, but since I am on a few fashion feeds that would frown on the landscape shot below as a lead photo, you get to see the MadDesigns prize from The Platinum Hunt. One of the few items for guys (unisex actually), it deserves a little attention. Xander ( one of my favorite Buffy characters so easy to remember) comes in this dark brown as well as a wild, tri-colored version. It works WITH a hairbase so there is a sleekness which is nice. Two sets of eyes are included in the pack and both are impressive. I am very picky about eyes and don't change them often. These black studio eyes are striking, and I am guessing they will look fantastic with my new Mynerva skins *wink*.

Also in this photo (enlarge for a better view) are matching earrings to the Alchemy Imortallis  necklace I told you about a day or so ago. [update: Le Look has it set so all LMs made  default to the main point. The coordinates to Alchemy Imortallis are (91-30-28; the TP board at the landing spot took me incorrectly. Messy.] These earrings were still up at the Le Look site this morning when I went to check for the NEW daily gift that will appear sometimes soon. The notecard of yesterday promised a new gift each day this week including something for the guys. So heads up fellows.

Now here is the photo I wanted to post. I was SO surprised this morning to look out my Dirty Linen Skybox (BamaLama SLH&G gift) to find my neighborhood completely changed -- and for the better. MUCH BETTER!  Living on the mainland, while free (RL friend's land) is challenging. For many months there was a two sim airport abutting my place. I learned to work with it, but I never loved it *wink*. Recently that area has become empty ocean (insert contented sign here), but there was a huge and very ugly blue pod covering much of the land you see in the background.

Today in the early morning fog it is a fairly lovely place to be. The house styles even compliment each other.

Now, I am off to work on getting that inventory down. I've deleted 2,500 or so old and duplicated items, I am hoping to get down to 20,000 before I am done. Half way there, I am finding a few things I only vaguely remember.

Hot off the presses if you missed the group notice. NEW FREE GROUP SKIN AT TULI's. The sim is pretty much full at the moment.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ XANDER ~ Dark Brown V
Skin: [LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-NEVER(D Brows)hairbase
Eyes: MADesigns NATURALS - black studio eyes (less veins) Platinum
Clothing: funkstar - vortex-II yellow

Accessories: ) A ( - [L] Amaranthus Dimunue Victoriana Earring free

Poses by: Pffiou


Anonymous said…
Love the sweater from " funkstar", however I couldn't find any shop by that name.
Do they have some other secretive name, they go by under?
Chic Aeon said…
Hey there -- I made a whole post just for you and all the other folks that sometimes have trouble finding places. Link to funkstar is in there. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said…
Heya Chic, ohmy thank you. I am usually pretty good in finding places but this one was hard.

Awesome blog btw ;)


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