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Manuela in the City

There is a new skin out at AKERUKA; Manuela.  This is definitely  a "me" release and I am excited. Dark (at least the skin tone I chose) and sultry, there seems to be a little bit of Latina in this gal. Mystery for sure.

Ducknipple has many new releases with this being one of my favorites. The texturing is phenomenal and happily I don't even need the alpha layer it fits so well. The Strapped Top comes with color change hud of course.

 I felt so at home in this skin I finally (yes, really) changed my profile photo.

It's about time.

And a comment for any of you that read this blog on  You are often missing the lead photo. Not sure what the issue is of late but each time I have seen a post, one or more photos were missing AND I see lots of pictureless posts, so click through for more goodness :D.  

Photos taken here.

Hair a recent gift (blogged previously) from EMO-tions

Poses by: Diesel Works from the new gift set. Find it here.


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