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Food and Fetishes

Long ago and very far away there was a Fruit Fetish Calendar from (*chanimations. Gogo did a rundown on the whole set. That may have been on her old blog as I can't find the photos with her blog search or Google, but I did find a reminiscence of the food addiction here.

Well Chandra is at it again with another set of calender prop sweetness. Put on your best skimpy attire and give your honey a present of personal photos. Just you and the sugary goodness. I picked waffles as they are hard to make and I don't think I have had them in a couple of decades or more.

Find the rundown of all 12 pose props here

Outfit by deviousMind (LaCancaniere in Kiwi).

Pose by: (*chanimations


Chandra said…
oh my... grey butter :D *grumbles and curses and runs to fix this to send out updated boxes* thanks for picking the waffles, really!! i would have never noticed so fast otherwise! :O
Chic Aeon said…
Fixed with new photo and REAL butter. I was obviously tired when I took that photo. Didn't notice. All better now :D
Chandra said…
lmao you are way faster than I could ever be *laughs*

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