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Home Improvements

Today was home improvement day in my corporeal realms. That got me appreciating how much easier sprucing up can be in our virtual climes. Now to be honest -- I wanted a lead photo with a utility belt and garden clutter. What I found on searching my inventory is that those props are no longer with me. Oh well. So "pretend" I have on a builder's tool belt in this shot. Along the way I found an old and loved "belt with stuff" that I wore constantly a few years ago. Memories are good.

If you actually read the blog rather than just look at the photos (and that's OK too) you know that Barnesworth Anubis had several home improvement items out for The Garden this round. 

The hollyhocks seem to have gotten the most press -- at least on the feeds that I wander through now and again, but there is also a fencing set AND these pavers.

The pavers are modular and fun and for the most part made for those with some building skills in their bag of tricks.  The set can be made in most any shape imaginable and a notecard with some ideas comes with the set. I went for something fairly arty and while I can't say I got it first time out -- I did get it and it is impressive. The quality is excellent; the idea for all the shapes somewhere beyond me -- so creative.

Even if you don't have a good building background you can use the rectangular and larger pieces by just plopping them down -- that works. The price is a bargain and we all love those. The pieces are mod so if you want smaller or larger tiles, that's up to you. A wonderful addition to your outdoor decor.

Another release is a fencing set which is easy to put together and especially handy if you live in a themed sim with neighbors and you want to differentiate your plot from theirs. Prims are quite low for the ambiance added.

Pose by: aDORKable


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