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Hunts and Stuff

Get on your hunter sneakers; there's excitement afoot.  The big Fantasy Faire RFL hunt begins at noon today at Valley of Ish'Nar. You will need a hud. I don't know the cost. $100 Lindens. I do know that the hunt will be in TWO parts with the second  lasting until May 21. You need to complete the first part in order to get the hud for the second where you will get ALL the prizes. [Note: rereading that I don't think I was clear. I "think" that you get some prizes in the first section of the hunt  (doesn't seem so from the later info) along with the ability to continue. Again, info is sketchy :D ]  I am thinking this will be a toughie, but I may give it a try anyway. So far I have not heard of a hunt help group, but that may appear on this page later in the day.

Here you GO! Just up.

So what's with this photo of the morn?  Well while you are waiting for the Fantasy Faire hunt to begin, I suggest you head on over to Chez Moi where you can pick up all these gifts on a Mom's Hunt. Now I am not a mom even in real life (oh my, another secret) but even if you aren't a SL mom, there are some extremely nice items to be found.

My favorites are the chalk board and the breakfast tray which will be added to some MOSP sets later in the day. And you never know when you might need kid gear. I keep all props of quality -- and yesterday that came in VERY handy!  WHO KNEW I would have a perfect spot for a shipping crate with two tigers (more on that soon).

You are looking for a very pretty sculpted orange flower. They are all out in the open and easy to find. It takes awhile for the sim to load, so be patient. 

My backdrop shows off the new gate from Barnesworth Anubis. I removed the texture from the pavers and added some hills for a simple all white background with interest. You can find it and other all white photo scenes here.

Pose by: the rocker


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