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Who Knew

The world is a vast place. It is really hard to keep up, even if as bloggers we are supposed to know all the latest spots, trends, sales, designers -- you get the idea. So who knew that there was a shop specializing in complete outfits at very low prices right next to the 20.Five store? Well not I. SLX Outfit is the name and perfect for folks that don't like to shop and coordinate or for those that are new. I know that most of my readers have wardrobes even more vast than mine, but still --- lots of great stuff for very little money.

Everything I am wearing plus a shape if you need one comes in one pack; also a white version of the shirt for more proper gals. There are plenty of outfit styles to choose from, many skirts in the mix for those feminine types.

I introduced a new folk to SL this afternoon. She was curious and I said, "well, let's make you an avatar!" and we did. It was an easy process and she got a name on the second try. I of course told her that anything "normal" would have already been taken, so she chose a three name first name and that worked *wink*. There WERE some things great about the good old days.

Anyway when she met Chic she immediately asked how she looked so good. I had to laugh at that. She was maybe ten minutes old. We are vain creatures even in our doll forms. So honestly what a great place to shop this would be for her!  There don't seem to be any demos, but if you have a shape that typically works well with mesh clothes, these will most likely fit. I had no issues at all. AND, as I said, for the new folks there is a shape in the pack.

My hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, Emo.

Photo taken HERE.

Poses by grafica at Pose Fair 2013


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