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Blinded By The Light

If you are an oldster like me, you know Ducknipple. beanster Potato has been around a VERY long time -- and that is always good to see. If you haven't journeyed over to Ducknipple recently there is newness afoot. Aside from lots of great mesh outfits there are HUDS for many of the products that let you change colors quickly and with no hassle. Fabric samples or colors show up in the sleek, charcoal colored hud. One click and you are a new you -- well your outfit color has changed anyway.

So those of you that love color, know you are well covered. 

Happily, I have a huge selection of releases all stacked on my building platform :D. I will be picking out my favorites to show you, so get ready for a fashion show. Up first is this Shredded Dress which I paired with Zaar shoes. Now the dress IS a dress of course, but you knew I was going to add leggings, didn't you? Yes, I did, and they work beautifully and I feel like a "demure" tough girl; it's warmer too.

I took myself over to Toxian City which has wonderful streets to wander. In the olden days, a couple of years ago, you could stroll with an observer tag. That opportunity has disappeared and now one takes there chances as they take their photos. I did stay out of the way of some water monster that was busily devouring folks not far from my close to the landing point photo op spot.

Sizewise if you know how your sizes compare to mine, the top runs a little small and the boots a bit large. Demos of course needed to be tried. You are all smart gals; you know that.

Poses by: Diesel Works from the Lourdes series at Pose Fair 2013


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