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Giorgia in the City

AKERUKA has a new group gift skin out -- actually TWO (one for the guys which will appear another day). This is Giorgia who you may remember from the Skin Fair. This light skin comes with reddish brows and teal eyeshadow. There is a bit of blush on the cheeks and pale lips. While the vendor photo shows it with face tattoos, those are absent in the gift skin. There is currently a join fee but if you took my advice and hit the group button when it was free to opt in, you are set.  

Find the skin for gals on the gal side of the shop and the one for guys on the opposite. Follow the green dots *wink*.

My outfit is a new release from Ducknipple featured earlier in the week. Tattoos are from Wicked Tattoos (hunt), earrings very old.

Photo taken at the upcoming grunge city at MOSP LEA7.

Pose by: aDORKable from the LEAN II set


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