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Sun, Clouds and Baking

This post is jam-packed with newness so read carefully *wink*.

First up one of several cute and casual sets from 20.FIVE, the Bow Romper. A color change hud lets you choose your hue of the day.

My hair is "Forever", a new release from EMO-tions coming SATURDAY.

Wrapped with messy tendrils, it includes a large range of colors within the main tonal theme.

A fancy clip holds the hair in place, but that was a bit too posh for my romper so I added an antique hair flower from the (*chanimations bonVoyage  set.

New from [CIRCA], the Divine Artisan Baking Table. Seven animations, wearable props and wall art (not shown here), it weighs in at 40 prims. Other models available with color change menus.

Now here's a little techie info that might be of help. Just how does it fit into our theme of the morn? Well, it's about clouds (see title please :D).  The new Firestorm which "most" of us are using now comes packed with lots of new features for photographers. One of them is the ability to change your cloud textures.

Preferences> Firestorm> Windlight> Cloud Textures gets you a drop-down box. I need to restart to see the changes. I have tried two of the new options and this second one (Altocumulus) looks pretty interesting. BUT (and that's why I am mentioning this) the new texture REALLY drags my graphics card.

Later note: Seems like it wasn't the clouds at all, just SL having a particularly SLOW time. That doesn't change my general slowness comment below, but give those clouds a try. 

Now I have a ATI HD6950 which two years ago was at the top of the lists and now -- of course, not so much. It still does a good job but with the new server and viewer changes I have noted a huge difference in its ability to handle things. Hence shadows are not part of my everyday experience, just a now and then and photography thing.  So for those of you with middle of the road graphics cards, be aware that newness may come with a price.

I'm going to see how it goes, whether my temperament is willing to put up with a less than perfect viewing experience. I did of course for many years. We get so spoiled.

Poses by:  aDORKable from the Sunny set now at Zodiac


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