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You've Got Mail

This post started out as a mini-rant, but there is more to the story.

A year or so ago (maybe longer) we had a rash of junk mail in SL. Store owners were signing us up on their subscribos without our permission and sending ads. Thankfully after so many complaints (many from bloggers who can be quite loud at times *wink*) that practice died down. 

This morning I heard from a couple of friends about the return of junk mail. It's a long story but I checked with a few more and here's what I "think" is happening.  About a year or so ago I posted about a great free item on this blog. I told all my SL friends, RL friends and YOU of course about it. I'm not going to mention the product, it really doesn't matter but it wasn't clothing. Anyway, my friends are getting notecards, blocks of text and landmarks all delivered to them  -- here's the punchline -- from a store they have never visited. The have no products from that store, didn't join the group, some hadn't even heard of it.

What they all have in common was that they got the great freebie from a "competitor" of the store sending out the unsolicited mail. Now we know that they might not actually BE competitors, but there could also be a selling of names things going on. I absolutely hate that in real life and I am not any fonder of it in Second Life.

So, if you followed my advice a year ago and picked up the great gift (and it was a great one) AND you got junk mail today -- you now know the possibilities.

And here's the rest of the story ---

As I was preparing to write this I remembered how much I hate all text posts. What could I take a photo of that would work? I typed in "mail" in my inventory and found this cute mailbox from Mesh Depot which closed the store I believe some time back. You can still get it on the Marketplace; both working and prop mailboxes are included.

So I put out the mailbox down by the tree house and realized that was the perfect place for the new mesh holly hocks from Barnesworth Anubis at The Garden.  I was playing with them yesterday and couldn't find a proper place for them. Well here it is. They are lovely and definitely add to the ambiance.

The hollyhocks are an amazing 1 land impact -- even at a much larger size. They come in many colors with four shapes to choose from. They are a great price.

I will have more from Barnesworth at The Garden coming up to show you soon. I had great fun with the pavers yesterday, another excellent buy. So if you can't wait for my show and tell, just make your way over to venue and see for yourself.


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