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Vignettes and Raspberries

The newly released Firestorm viewer has lots of new features, one of my favorites -- the ability to derender short term or permanently.  It also has a vignette feature for photography. Find that addition in the General Tab of the Phototools about two thirds down. From subtle to dramatic, the choice is yours.

I'm not sure I will be using the feature all that often in photography as my graphics program gives you more control (see above), but it's good to know it is there and may come in handy for machinima. Those of you who hate to fiddle with post processing will no doubt embrace this feature.

My outfit of the morn includes new duds from SLC. Comfy and perky the Frilly Blouse Tartan and Mesh Skirt Anna go very nicely with the just out girlie hair from Vanity Hair.   Marshmallow is the name and it is indeed fun. The bands are click to color change (two at a time); stopping your AO is advised unless you are a more careful clicker than I.

I did a little shopping at Fantasy Faire and picked up these great raspberry bushes at The Looking Glass. They are a RFL item and a very good value. Mod, copy and in several sizes (one appears to be for petites) you can build a raspberry field in just a couple of minutes. My tractor is free on the marketplace. 

My basket is from PARADISIS (older). 

Poses by: aDORKable and Vista Animations


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