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Chiffon and Wine

Such a pretty picture, it is made up of three new releases.

* The Patience dress from lassitude & ennui for Zodiac . The  flowing mesh dress with a layer of semi-transparent gauze (so very pretty) comes in earthy tones (since Taurus is an earth sign) and two neutrals. I am wearing cream.

*This new rigged mesh hair from MINA, Gaia, is available at My Attic @ The Deck. It is really lovely and flows nicely.

* Now it wasn't until I finished these photos  that I realized I would never wear this dress with red wine (my preference) nearby. But HAPPILY we don't have to worry about that in our virtual land. The Burnby Wine Cabinet from Cheeky Pea comes in natural, dark and white woods with either PG or Adult animations. The decor items are not attached and can be moved or rearranged.  Also new are some easels to hold your artwork. Gallery opening anyone? These have excellent LODs for long range viewing. (Well of course I CHECKED that! *wink*).

My sandals are Blossom Sandals from lassitude & ennui, one of my favorites.

Poses by: Musa


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