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Equatorial Shadows

Long post. Lotsa photos. Pretty freeness. Great poses.

I checked out a few spots on the latest Cookie Jar Hunt yesterday. And on the way --- I found Zinnias. Now I had of course been to Zinnias before, but things have changed. If you like color (no, that's really COLOR!) you will love the new goodness.  It is very obvious that Zinnia is a master at texturing.

I picked up this great table and pillow set with items both separate and copy as the hunt prize.

And while looking around I found all these other great free gifts.  So if your tastes run towards the exotic lands near the equator, you definitely want to stop by.

I also wanted to show you these striking earrings from the Blooming Into the Season Hunt (see yesterday's post). They are from Pure Poison.

My jeans are from Paradisis (Betty), top from Ronsem (very old), boots from Ducknipple (Lena - new), hair from Discord Designs (Mackenzie).

Photos taken at SAND - LEA7.

Poses by: aDORKable from the Lean II set at Pose Fair 2013


DrFran said…
I found Zinnias and I fell in love. My friend furnished her whole windmill from that store, and the owner is a very helpful and pleasant resident. I highly recommend this store.

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