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A Quiet Garden

There's newness in my garden, and along with it a new jacket and tie set from Ducknipple for the guys. I really have to admit that I am getting very fond of these all colors imaginable (well not quite that -- but many) HUDS coming with Ducknipple outfits. This one has color change jacket and tie and tint to any tone (color picker) shirt. Ten seconds and you can have a whole new look.

Search out "Henk" for this outfit. Jeans come with but I opted for a more classical look for Pete. I've decided to call my new, preppy guy avatar Pete. He seems to love these outfits and they fit him perfectly. Chav is much too much of a bad boy for these *wink*.  And of course you will find neither Chav nor Pete Aeon in my neighborhood. They are merely me.

From Cheeky Pea for The Garden,  a complete outdoor area with pergola, blanket seating and hammock.  Tons of animations for both singles and couples; there are PG and Adult versions to fit your lifestyle.

I am easily seduced by details and without a doubt, this croquette set is my favorite piece of the release. I predict great popularity.

There are also horseshoes and darts (lead photo background) to add to your outdoor areas.

Pick your activity or opt for them all.

Poses by: Diesel Works and the furniture


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