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Basement Band

A new release from Vanity Hair is both striking, feminine and hard edged. I'm not sure how it manages all that in one "do", but it does. Look for Dry Martini.

The Home and Garden Expo posts aren't over of course. This feature is brought to you by IONIC and Second Spaces.

If you like music and pastel colors, the piano and drum set (sold separately) from IONIC will make you smile. The drum set is missing sticks, but I plan to make some soon and they will be out at MOSP for free near the percussion instruments, so no worries. The drummer animation is quite realistic.

Also from IONIC (Sim 3) the Teen Riot Set includes lots of decor items like shirts on hangers, an amplifier and skateboard.

Sunday note: IONIC is no longer at the Expo.

The small dresser to the right is from Second Spaces (Sim 2). There are many versions and colors of this item, all in well used form.

I spent a long time looking at the easy to peruse area that is Second Spaces @ HGE. There are so many great things and I will be showing you more as the week goes on. But I wanted to be sure and let you know about this really fine bookshelf. Packed full of details it weighs in at a measly 2 LI.

The messy bookshelf (that's its name) has rolled up plans, storage boxes and open files with magazines. It comes in basic light gray and is mod. I did a little experimenting and found that you can tint the shelves themselves any color you would like. Here they are a dark taupe. This would work well in so many places.

I think a copy is going in my slowly being decorated rainy day skybox from Barnesworth Anubis. I decided to live in there for awhile during the decor period. Well, honestly I spend most of my time on my building pad or taking photos, but I have HOME set there and it is nice to see the shadows coming through the rainy windows. Eventually I will be done and eventually a new design will present itself and I will move into that and let the MOSP visitors have access to the nicely styled abode.

That's the plan anyway.

And yes, I finally changed clothes a bit. Very old painter jeans but newish MOTO boots in crimson from CARGO on the Marketplace.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable and the props


Unknown said…
Beautiful pictures Chic!! This hair fits you perfectly!! thank you for your awesome work! <3

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