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Through My Window

One of the most striking and prominent builds came late to the Home and Garden Expo Party.  We'll skip the dra-ma report and simply say "Welcome"!  That means if you zipped over on opening day, you really want to return :D.

La Galleria (Sim 3)  has a striking home to show you, the San Marino House .

It is opulent and grande (yes, with an "E") with some outstanding details. There are four versions in the pack (two sizes and two styles of balconies). There is an option to rez a front patio (partially seen here) at the entrance or a simple stone pad. Click the doorframe for a choice of options. The rear patio is spacious and perfect for very classy entertaining. A huge box of accessories is included; a backyard pool with patio is in the list.

As I typed that last sentence I remember that I actually had tea (the English version) in a home very much like this in Barbados, West Indies where I lived for awhile. I didn't hang out with too many of these folks, but now and then serendipity took me into Upper Crustville, and trust me -- it is there *wink*.

Indeed this mansion would feel right at home there with the glassed doors and open plan.

There are furniture sets to accompany the build or to go into your existing home.

Many details and accessories are built into the house.

I took many more photos but you really need to see it for yourself.

The prim count as you would expect is in the high range spanning the 330 - 397 range without additions.

I was so impressed with this house that I took up some vehicles at MOSP in order to have prims to rez. Look for it in the Cherry Blossom Romance section.

Skin: Izzie's - Asia Skin tanned
Outfit by Ducknipple
Hair by Amacci

Pose by: the furniture


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