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Sand and Sea Expo Prizes

Now there are a lot of great prizes at the Sand and Sea Expo. Here are a few of my favorites.

Feel like swimming in the depths or maybe just sunning on a boat? Well this mer outfit from Tideborns is very stylish. The extra fins at the hip are animated and the deformer gets your legs just where they need to be. Know that you will have to relog to get out of that odd mer shape :D.

This furniture set complete with beachy foodstuffs is from Headhunters Island.
The textures are gorgeous, the animations great. What more can I say?

Be aware that not every merchant has a prize out. Most do, but some I have visited three times without finding anything so I suspect they missed that part of the themed event.

Don't get frustrated if you can't find a shell everywhere.

If I understood the message in this prize from CHEZ MOI FURNITURES, there are four different prizes in that shell. If you are lucky, you will get this RARE item which comes with menus that let you rez additional props. Couples animations are included.

This fishing pole set is from TUFF not only looks great (two color choices are included in the pack) it works extremely well.

The pole rests on the stool when not in use.

Sit on the stool and you get asked for permission to attach. The pole moves to your hands and you calmly fish with a nice animation.

You can adjust the pole for alignment as needed and when you are finished with your leisure activity, you get up and the pole reverts to its resting place, looking very spiffy.

If you are an athletic and fun loving avatar you will love this water trike from Triumphal Yacht Club. It has great water particle effects when driving, but I couldn't drive and take a photo at the same time (and I am a BAD BAD driver) so I cheated and held onto it with the build tools to take this photo.

Another very nice prize is this beach chair from MnM Designs. It has texture change and a very nice animation.

Some prizes are copy, some not, and strangely not all prizes matched the prize photos on the blog.

You are only able to get ONE prize per person (well per avatar).

I left my personal favorite gift for last.  This is a spectacularly gorgeous boat from Fishers Island Yacht Club.  Now if you have to ask about the prims, you can't afford it, but good news -- there is also a wearable and drivable version in the pack. Yeah! 

Later note: So sorry but this was not from the place now lined out above.  A friend alerted me. I did go back and click on all the blogger shells and some of the pink shells trying to figure out which place gave out this boat. I did get it again *wink* but still can't figure out at which place. I can tell you it is on land and by the water as those are the ones I checked again. But some prizes are missing merchant info and this boat seems to be made by someone who departed SL. So if you figure out just where this comes from, please add a note to the comments in the blog. Your fellow hunters will appreciate it.  Thanks.

My outfit of the day includes some new releases from SLC, the Airy miniskirt and Airy blouse. Both come in a variety of colors and some patterns. These are on special this weekend.

My hair is a new release from Vanity Hair, Ma Belle.

Poses by: the furniture and LAP (nla)


Anonymous said…
Wow Chic! Thank you for such a great post! I love the pictures-- especially with you fishing! And you look amazing as a mermaid! I am so glad you are here :D

<3 Cortez
TUFF Old Boats said…
Wow, such cool gifts! I'd love to know where that last boat came from as well. I'm going back to search for it. And thanks especially for including the TUFF Fishing Stool and Rod. You were the guinea pig with that new item LOL, so your feedback means a lot to us.

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