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Mid Month Hunt Update

A quick look at the hunts supposedly starting today showed many of them not ready (as I type this late in the eve), postponed or missing most of the important info that you need. An acception is the Ultimate Kawaii Hunt which is not my thing but may be yours; kudos to the hunt coordinator(s).

Of the hunts that are going strong, I recommend the Scavenger Hunt at The Nest.

I have to admit that while I really TRIED to find the hunt items, most eluded me. This wire picture hanger from Cheeky Pea was one of my finds. It is much fun, weighs in at one land impact and of course has photo areas you can change. It should be noted that the wire in this set is actual mesh, not just a prim with a texture. Impressive.

Another of my finds is from Zigana. While this storage cabinet is listed as "kitchen", I put it upstairs along the wall . Hopefully some appropriate decor items will appear to add to the display. It is only 3 land impact and very nicely made.

Now the Scavenger Hunt is hard. Not "Mad Pea" hard, but you need to read the clues to figure out both the object you are looking for and where it might be. The objects are small (at least the ones I found) and while I thought I knew where to look -- well you see the prizes here don't you? *wink*

Go forth valiant hunters and find most likely some great stuff.


Anonymous said…
hi, pleae can you explain how to add our own pictures on this one prim mesh object, as i have no idea how to do that.

Thanks for your help

Chic Aeon said…

Using the build tools, go to the TEXTURE tab. Put a dot in the radio button that goes along with "Select Face". Then click on JUST the front of the card that you want to change. From there you can choose your photo just like you would choose a woodgrain for a table.

In order for the photos to look good, they will need to be square in this case. Other times with other builders, you might need one that is 3:2 etc. You CAN use the Repeats Per Face options to stretch a photo if needed.

Happily this is a copy item so you can practice without hurting anything. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
oh , thanks a lot, very well explained and yes hopefully it's copy cause i have messed it up before.

thanks , have a nice day and keep kicking , love your blog ;)

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