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Country Life and Redecorating

It is a great 50 Linden Friday for housewares this week. My I-absolutely-had-to-have-this item was a vintage fridge from POST. It is perfect in the Bayou shack and adds an extra bit of ambiance to the scene. You get a very nice bonus broom and braided rug as accessories. The fridge is color change (owner only) and there is an on-off sound by click. This is simply spectacular if you have a spot for it! Low land impact, so these items won't make a big dent in your prim budget.

Also on my shopping list were two FLF items from Pilot. Beautifully textured and only 1 LI per set (so two for all the pots and tools and box and potting mix), these not only upgraded the look of the place, but saved a ton of prims over the items they replaced.   There is a darling garden shed from Pilot at COLLABOR88 and more garden accessories.

Since this turned out to be a home and garden post (someone else was taking photos and I didn't want to spoil their shot with my overall-clad body), let's look a bit into the future; it's almost time for the 6th Annual Home and Garden Expo!  There is a great list of merchants this year (Pilot is among them) as well a quite a few new shops that I don't know about.

Last year I spent eleven hours (yes, I counted) with only a few stretch breaks visiting each and every shop in the expo. This year there are fewer sims with latecomer merchants losing out,  so there is a bit less to cover. I hope to find lots of great items for decorating. So mark your calendar for May 24th when the event opens. You'll need time and energy, so a couple of sims a day might be a good plan.


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