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Home and Garden - Big and Small

Home and Garden Expo 2013 is about to open. We have been given the green light to blog, but I won't be showing you the expo grounds until Thursday. I will give you a few inside scoops though.  Before we get to all the housing goodness, my new top (OK., it is actually billed as a dress but it is too short for me) is from Ducknipple. There are color change options for the largest panel of fabric. It is bright and cheery and great for shopping. Look for "Tabster".

I have lots of outstanding designs to perk your interest. I decided to start with both BIG and SMALL items. As you might guess, the above photo fits into the big category *wink*. Definitely an abode I couldn't afford in real life, it is nice to know that dreams can come true in our virtual world.  This is The Cloverdale  from Tranquil Homes (main store). It comes packed (and I do mean packed) with goodness and details. There is even a toaster and a knife block in the kitchen. If you are someone that prefers a "turnkey" type experience, this might be the home for you.

It is delivered via handtruck (so had to smile at the packaging which I will immediately put out as a prop). That's the humongous double car garage -- finished of course.

On the small end of the scale we have the cat clock with coat rack from NACH (main store). I noticed this the first day we got into the sims. While most vendors at this point are standing at 0 lindens, this one -- and the other RFL item from NACH --  had been sold many, many times that very first day. It is bound to be a hit with lots of folks.   This is my favorite wall papered room in The Cloverdale by the way.


May 24th - June 2nd 2013

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Pose by: aDORKable


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