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I am a little sad this morning. I saw the notice that aDORKable will be leaving the grid. Four years is a long time to do anything -- well for "me" anyway. The good news is that poses will still be available on the Marketplace. I won't have to add those nasty NLA letters to my annotations. A closing sale lasts until June 9th.

I picked out some appropriate aDORKable poses to go with the new Mizz SexKitten outfit from deviousMind. I have most of Chandra's clothes (packed away in boxes to be sure as there are always tons of pieces in a set) with Little Lenore seeming to be my favorite. SexKitten might usurp Lenore though. Very cute -- even without Lolas. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

While I tried to add as many of the choices as possible, there are of course tons of things I am NOT wearing. See this post for a list of all the possibilities and colors.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: aDORKable


Jessica said…
what location is that you chose? looks interesting.
Chic Aeon said…
It is the abandoned theater at The Looking Glass. Not in world so no LM but I am sure you can find it. It is my favorite place for "burlesque" posts. I have used it often over the years.

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